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Book us for your event! We cater Event Theater for surprise parties, Christmas parties or birthday parties. We are an ideal present for weddings or other family events and will liven up any business event.


How does it work?
Take for example our „waiter will arrive soon“ –program, which starts with covert actors dressed as waiters.
However, the service is slightly different.
Your guests receive high quality service with a twist. Service is spiced with playful word parleys and good humor where your guests are uniquely entertained. As the evening evolves your quests slowly but surely become interactive members of the unfolding play and will come to understand that these waiters are not your average waiters, but rather subtle actors entertaining them with song and magic, wherein no one can be sure if the maid, speaker or guest sitting next to you is real or one of our own.
We are able to create different programs and characters to meet your individual event requirements.


We look forward to turning your special event into something absolutely unforgettable.
For reservations or specific questions you can contact me via email: