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After final secondary-examinations and time spent abroad, I returned to Germany where I began studying musical theatre
at the Stage School Music, Dance and Drama in Hamburg and subsequently received since 1995 theatre engagements
at the Scharlatan Theater in Hamburg and also at other theatre international where we played also for mixed economy area communication.


Currently I act for theater, film and television.

Also I perform event-theatre together with my acting
partner Enzo Maniscalco (aka the St. Pauli Night Watchman),
perform with the Theatre Café Comique, (singing and
magic show).


Since 2000 I am working also as an actress in communicationtraining together with coach and trainer as Frieder Barth, Imme Kind and Ruth Kafitz where I create supporting practice for better self-perception.


2013 I moved to Berlin and managed the commercial area at AgenturRAKETE Berlin till March 2016.

Offer coaching for ActorNewcomer about acting business and Personal coaching area body language and appearance in commerce and working as a actingcoach for diffenrent companies.

Also I am writing childen books. "Tonys fantastische Segelreise" and "Josie, die kleine Fee" is available at my publisher

I welcome you to my homepage and hope you enjoy browsing.